I also reminded him that the path he chooses is no less important than those he will invite to join him on his journey.

Our family created The Life Compass to share this message with others hoping it will be that 'gentle reminder' of what is important for life's journey.

The Life Compass; directions for life...a message for a lifetime.

The Life Compass Story

When my son graduated from high school I had an opportunity to share thoughts with him about his accomplishments as a young man, what he had meant to his mother and me and also offer ideas for him to consider for this new time in his life's journey.  This was part of a school retreat where parents were asked to share words of encouragement and directions for this new time in their sons or daughters journey.  The hardest part of this exercise was to find not just the right words, but words that would convey sincerity and basic truths.  I wanted to offer words he would remember and use throughout his life.

Though our times were years apart our journeys' would share many of the same challenges...we set a course and from time to time we lose our way.  We need help getting back on track.  This is why it is important to seek help from those who truly care about our journey.  I shared what I felt important for a balanced and fulfilled journey:

bullet.jpg Make GOD part of your daily life
bullet.jpg Stay close to your FAMILY
bullet.jpg Seek and nurture worthy FRIENDS 
bullet.jpg Pursue KNOWLEDGE with a passion