"We are using the four points of the compass to direct conversations with our 3 children. It is working. Bless you for sharing this story and product."
-- Kate V.  Columbus

"I am writing to thank you for The Life Compass.  My grandson was way off track after his mother and father divorced.  The compass seems to have given him new hope or direction.  Thank you, thank you."
-- Sue, Dallas

"The Life Compass is an amazing, wonderful gift.  I wish you the best with your son and his journey."
-- Eric, Baltimore

"If I were rich I would buy one for every parent and child I know.  This is a wonderful message."
-- Allyson, Salt Lake City

"I received The Life Compass from a long time friend.  She told me the story and that she knew you and your family.  The pendant is beautiful and so is the message."
-- E. Schallenberg  Norfolk, VA. 

"Thank you for creating The Life Compass.  I love it when people comment on how pretty it is and I have a chance to tell them the story."
-- Tammy J.  Kansas City

Here's what people are saying About the Life Compass

"I received a necklace for my high school graduation 18 years ago just a week before I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I received my necklace from her adoptive parents. We’ve had an open adoption from the start and that beautiful baby has grown into a beautiful young woman who will receive this from me for her high school graduation.

My necklace has served as a beautiful reminder of what is important in my life and I can’t wait to give her this necklace with a note from me about its impact in my life as she moves on to the next phase in her life."
-- Camille -Amelia NE

"I purchased the life compass necklace 10 years ago for each of my three sons as each made their confirmation. I couldn't have summed up a more beautiful message to my children . I have repeated the favorite it's your journey, you choose your path. I am now purchasing one for my God son for his confirmation. It is a message of love, faith, and knowledge that they always have a place to turn to . This is by far the most treasured gift and message I have given to my children."
-- Lori Roberts -Albany NY

"Thank you for sharing this wonderful message. Many parents search for ways to connect with their children. This is right on the mark."
-- Pam, Kansas City